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15th Jan2019: .@verge says our Alexa-equipped Smart Tabs ""might be the neatest use of a charging station the smart home has to o… https://t.co/3UFyo3iK71
14th Jan2019: We built a bonkers all-in-one PC for designers and creators. And we unboxed it just for you. #LenovoCES #CES2019 https://t.co/FHVg9bIUUG
12th Jan2019: Talk about starting off your day on the right note... See what @digitaltrends thinks of our Smart Clock with… https://t.co/YeVcR8View
11th Jan2019: 3.4 MILLION! That’s how many colors you see on the Yoga C730’s new 15” gorgeous AMOLED display option. So vibrant y… https://t.co/54w3DYkz0P
11th Jan2019: JUST ANNOUNCED the Lenovo Legion Y740 with the latest @Intel processor and @NVIDIA graphics. Learn more:… https://t.co/0NQjEk1aKa
10th Jan2019: New year, new X1 Yoga. Smaller & thinner than ever w/new aluminum chassis & same old wonderful 360-degree hinge. Do… https://t.co/Su5uqmBwCD
10th Jan2019: IMPECCABLE. Slim, sleek all-metal unibody design. Nearly edgeless display. Just 1.2 kg and 12.2 mm thin. This is Yo… https://t.co/0r6v9lPmCu
10th Jan2019: Introducing the new Lenovo Legion Y540 with the latest @NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card. #LenovoCES Learn m… https://t.co/ahjMHRDz7G
10th Jan2019: NEW X1 CARBON: Thinner than ever (14.9 mm) w/new Carbon Fiber weave finish. Latest @Intel Core i7 processor, @Dolby… https://t.co/aPbgQZQAoX
10th Jan2019: Use the unique Precision Dial on our new Yoga A940 to program functions & shortcuts for Photoshop, Lightroom, Windo… https://t.co/fP0BWuQC3x
10th Jan2019: MAXIMUM THRILL: Our new 43.4-inch curved display offers a viewing experience wider than your imagination. Learn m… https://t.co/nB4fca66Fv
9th Jan2019: Lip service, gradual change or real progress? Join us as we talk gender & tech with leaders from @Intel @Microsoft… https://t.co/7NyNnYTzgF
9th Jan2019: WHAT LOOT! Wild innovation just announced at #LenovoCES. Learn more: https://t.co/jTIW567e9R #CES2019 https://t.co/OX0qTpx8Dd
9th Jan2019: An amazing 10” Android tablet with 4 front-facing speakers that doubles as a Smart Screen with Alexa built-in, beco… https://t.co/lEGPiV8OZR
8th Jan2019: The @Google Assistant you know, now built into a 4” Smart Clock. Pricing starts at $79.99 USD. #LenovoCES… https://t.co/UivSFmAYjd
8th Jan2019: TILT AND FLIP: As our new Yoga devices find fresh ways to help you be great, the Yoga legend continues to grow. L… https://t.co/KjfTXlDILE
8th Jan2019: POCKET DYNAMO: Thin and light as a smartphone, our new ultraportable Bluetooth 5.0 speaker delivers 360-degree soun… https://t.co/cKtz8N4MXf
8th Jan2019: TAKE VIDEO CALLS to the next level. Four display options-- standard, quadrant, split view or panoramic. Acoustic ec… https://t.co/HBTjFKZrao
8th Jan2019: Stylish on the outside, savage on the inside. New Lenovo Legion laptops just revealed at #LenovoCES. Learn more:… https://t.co/sdXRhcA9Wx
8th Jan2019: Just announced at #CES2019! The new ThinkPad X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga are the gold standard for business computing.… https://t.co/rolm8Fxt10
7th Jan2019: Do you like shiny new gadgets? Do you like staring straight into the wild future of tech? Join us live from Las Veg… https://t.co/QGDLPjvbPv
7th Jan2019: No need to synchronize watches. You can see a real-time countdown to #CES2019 right here! All the fun starts tomor… https://t.co/8iAXhuwEe0
5th Jan2019: From 8-track players to VCRs, gadgets go from cutting-edge to has-been joke with lightning speed. On the eve of… https://t.co/mahswcXBL6
1st Jan2019: Start the #NewYear off right with big savings on our Winter Clearance sale. Sale ends January 3rd:… https://t.co/CJqGQ6CXwG
31st Dec2018: Hey world, Happy New Year! https://t.co/Q2Of3BbHeo
28th Dec2018: Finish your year off right by saving up to $365 on select laptops. Sale ends January 3rd: https://t.co/OooDcmjuxR https://t.co/AAfQ7oAisY
28th Dec2018: We asked three gamers to describe their inner savage. Then we brought their inner savage to life:… https://t.co/HrYkHSNR97
28th Dec2018: In a parallel universe, #EdTech is just a bunch of technology built by a dude named Edward. #ServerRoomThoughts
28th Dec2018: The prophecy has been fulfilled. IG 📷: agotthelf https://t.co/tmCJVsGlO0
25th Dec2018: Best Wishes from Lenovo. https://t.co/p48uvzzNsV
23rd Dec2018: TFW you think going to the park is life, but then you meet a #ThinkPad. IG 📷: GussRw https://t.co/nq0ky7VcMv
21st Dec2018: We have a habit of sharing reviews with the word "perfect" in them. BTW, @CNET says the Yoga C930 is our "top 2-in… https://t.co/je32vtqGGa
20th Dec2018: Thin laptop. Robust audio. Shoutout to Dolby Atmos for helping us impress @mashable with the sound system on the Y… https://t.co/hbwES5kdLu
20th Dec2018: Looking for a #GoogleAssistant with a screen? @PCWorld says the Lenovo Smart Display is "probably the best one you… https://t.co/TupbURrLJa
18th Dec2018: Time for last-minute holiday shopping. Order before tomorrow at 2 PM EST & get expedited shipping in time for Chri… https://t.co/Knda3NecLb
15th Dec2018: Sort of a bummer to think that the person who invented the Home key on keyboards may have been kinda homesick at th… https://t.co/5ge6ntKvA4
10th Dec2018: You ever think to yourself, "I want to save up to $930 on the Yoga 720?" Well we have the solution to your oddly… https://t.co/VGhEu9jA4v
7th Dec2018: Day 10 of #12DaysOfDeals brings tidings of extra savings on any #Chromebook. Snag yours now: https://t.co/Vcfmf4Z0oq https://t.co/xFCJNSO75G
6th Dec2018: #12DaysOfDeals only has a few days left! Today, all of our deals are under $800. Shop now: https://t.co/hiiNVDs5VJ https://t.co/A94ngs5zSb
4th Dec2018: Save up to 52% on #ThinkPad T series laptops today! https://t.co/dvYAnLtvbc #12DaysOfDeals https://t.co/Ohv0omHYZl
3rd Dec2018: Missed #CyberMonday? No problem! Check out our #12DaysOfDeals for huge savings on new #Lenovo computers and accesso… https://t.co/BLRQuDAfi4
30th Nov2018: Play the latest, greatest games with a new @LenovoLegion #gaming PC. Now on sale with the code LEGIONSAVE15:… https://t.co/CxNtH3Ryvl
29th Nov2018: #12DaysOfDeals continues with big savings on our popular #ThinkPad X series! https://t.co/Uz64vnQmZp https://t.co/IVNtwx8xFe
28th Nov2018: Only a few hours left to take advantage of our #CyberMonday - Err #CyberTuesday deals. https://t.co/mkOBZ2nOQr https://t.co/NmncH2jELW
27th Nov2018: Happy #GivingTuesday. Thanks to all who are giving their time, money & love to causes they care about today. Foll… https://t.co/OyssEG2Ywp
27th Nov2018: #CyberMonday is now #CyberTuesday. The deals have been extended while supplies last! Just roll with it.… https://t.co/LZ4eTr1AuA
27th Nov2018: Keep your laptops thin and your wallets fat by snagging an #Ideapad during our #CyberMonday sale happening now:… https://t.co/618XxQc9x8
26th Nov2018: Stylish on the outside. Savage on the inside. Easy on the wallet. Grab a @LenovoLegion Y530 laptop now and save big… https://t.co/ipRbElriTu
26th Nov2018: Lowest price ever on the #X1Extreme. YUP! Now you can have workstation power built into the frame of an #X1:… https://t.co/PgjSALDz4W
26th Nov2018: Whose idea was it to put #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday so close together? OH WELL. New doorbusteres ever hour unti… https://t.co/qX0kCOC9jp
24th Nov2018: Whew. We need a breather from all of these deals, but you can still save. Get an extra 10% off with the code BLACKF… https://t.co/zmhwDyq4mM
24th Nov2018: Tick-tock. Only an hour-ish left for you take advantage of #BlackFriday Sale deals. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!… https://t.co/KbhMOJ2fVh
23rd Nov2018: Want the latest #Yoga series 2-in-1? We got you covered. Take advantage of our huge #BlackFriday sale happening no… https://t.co/A5Vau7LahL
23rd Nov2018: What can you do with an extra $300? Now you can find out by saving on our #Yoga 720. https://t.co/8QZZccPvFD… https://t.co/GbngfoW6jb
23rd Nov2018: IT. IS. ON. New Doorbusters every hour until 8PM EST. Save up to $1000 on laptops, desktops, tablets, smart home,… https://t.co/76DgwDRyfW
23rd Nov2018: Take 2. $189.99 #IdeaPad 130s. This time in Midnight Blue. Available at midnight EST in EXTREMELY limited quantit… https://t.co/wWFKj1ZZav
23rd Nov2018: "Big things come in small packages." That saying is sure to be referencing our ThinkStation P330 Tiny. Get yours… https://t.co/PtAOxfhrGq
22nd Nov2018: ATTENTION: Save 45% off our popular #ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Get yours while supplies last: https://t.co/skTlEYYXd8… https://t.co/c0NKOlH2fb
22nd Nov2018: Here. We. Go. Time to #BreakTheInternet with this insane #BlackFriday deal on our IdeaPad 130s deal. Hurry because… https://t.co/JCeeOzMarw
22nd Nov2018: One more for ya. Take advantage of our #BlackFriday week deal and save 51% on the #ThinkPad T480, a powerful 14-in… https://t.co/SRfNR3Y3mx
22nd Nov2018: Color meets clarity with the extremely versatile #ThinkVision P24h monitor. Save 30% on our #BlackFriday week deals… https://t.co/kYTMLBkJ2Z
21st Nov2018: These deals are getting out of hand...oh well! Snag the #ThinkPad P52s Mobile Workstation, a fully-loaded Ultrabook… https://t.co/ZQF7pyETHa
21st Nov2018: We packed processing power into a stylishly sleek notebook. Now you can save $250 on your very own IdeaPad 530S:… https://t.co/yp9GRfecAQ
21st Nov2018: Today is the last day of doorbuster deals until we break the internet with our big #BlackFriday laptop deal. Get am… https://t.co/GHeSrWzVRR
21st Nov2018: Wanna save $650? Of course you do. Grab the popular #Yoga 720, a 2-in-1 performance powerhouse combining processing… https://t.co/jwK8W6Zu9v
21st Nov2018: Top of the line. Ultraslim. 4k UHD display. Lightweight. These are just some of the ways to describe the #ThinkPad.… https://t.co/EX4i5USO6n
20th Nov2018: Doorbusters is still going strong! Get 23% off the #V330, a perfect #SMB productivity laptop with powerful function… https://t.co/hnisW6RNWO
20th Nov2018: Take advantage of our #BlackFriday week deals and grab the Flex 14, an affordable 2-in-1 laptop. Only while supplie… https://t.co/4a5iQIjcxy
20th Nov2018: Somebody stop us! #BlackFriday continues with 38% off our #ThinkPad E480, a 14-inch laptop under 4lbs. Act now:… https://t.co/9qOnSqroto
20th Nov2018: Keep the #BlackFriday deals coming! Snag our #ThinkPad 13e (2nd Gen) for cheap! Balance mobility and productivity f… https://t.co/D5lXdFeByj
20th Nov2018: Performance you can count on. Thin and lightweight like you need. Save big on our #ThinkPad T470 during our… https://t.co/0qERlF0I57
19th Nov2018: Breaking up our stream of #BlackFriday deals to tell you about that time THE @Ninja played in the @LenovoLegion Sun… https://t.co/jutGHLKvo8
19th Nov2018: Doorbusters time! Snag the IdeaPad 330 (15") with GTX Graphics Card. As powerful as it is easy to use, with the lat… https://t.co/5DaDTORKUU
19th Nov2018: We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to shamelessly tell you about our #BlackFriday week deals! Check b… https://t.co/XjdT81VP5L
17th Nov2018: There are written laws against moving cats this adorable off of your #ThinkPad. https://t.co/r2chjlTUcT IG 📷: odess… https://t.co/7KiV96akSl
16th Nov2018: .@androidcentral says there is "a lot to like about the Lenovo Smart Display." Must be why they wrote a whole arti… https://t.co/5FgYlXzWNs
15th Nov2018: Much progress, much more to do: this is the current state of #diversity & inclusion at Lenovo.… https://t.co/7FD3Jgfv0K
15th Nov2018: Tech can be a powerful enabler of #diversity & inclusion. Let’s build a smarter future where we can all thrive toge… https://t.co/xhanWIhooM
12th Nov2018: Our Black Friday sale begins soon! Upgrade your PC with our handpicked selection of computers. Check our selection:… https://t.co/riASLQczge
12th Nov2018: *rolls for stealth* Our Black Friday sneak peek sale is so sneaky that it got extended to November 14th:… https://t.co/zg7m2oTvdQ
9th Nov2018: Strap on your nostalgia boots. @gizmodo rounded up this list of 100 websites that shaped the modern internet:… https://t.co/fvlgao7EOT
7th Nov2018: A review with terms like "blazing-fast" & "luxurious" is always good. Looks like @laptopmag is a fan of the… https://t.co/iEvhd1kDri
6th Nov2018: To a dog, every stick is a joystick because it brings them so much joy. #ServerRoomThoughts
2nd Nov2018: 10 hours of battery life. Countless hours of mobile productivity. Meet our light and long-lasting C330 #Chromebook… https://t.co/cDq56Y5vYV
1st Nov2018: "Headphones" sound like breakthrough tech that lets us make phone calls with our brains. #ServerRoomThoughts
1st Nov2018: Full moon and full-on fright, wishing our friends a #HappyHalloween night. https://t.co/y3D9eNfkqM
31st Oct2018: So spooky. #Halloween #HappyHalloween #TrickOrTreat https://t.co/YDmg8IRatL
29th Oct2018: Told ya we had a big heart. See why @digitaltrends says the "ThinkPad X1 Extreme is a love letter to PC geeks."… https://t.co/JO1rERpPdn
23rd Oct2018: When the going gets tough, the tough gets going... And when the week gets going, we get to offering weekly deals:… https://t.co/ufhFmg2d6Y
22nd Oct2018: The #LenovoFoundation mission of increasing access to #STEM education for diverse populations is crucial to our cur… https://t.co/MXRVNHRPab
22nd Oct2018: October is #SMB Month! Thank you, #SmallBiz owners, for inspiring us all with your hard work & passion to make a d… https://t.co/N6NrGdCSU5
20th Oct2018: Definitely gonna frame this one... Honored to again be included among some of the world’s finest companies! https://t.co/RCTzEBrRf7 @Forbes
17th Oct2018: Hardcore gaming. Multi-monitor support. And power. Lots of power. Meet the slim and portable #ThinkPad X1 Extreme:… https://t.co/o9Eep7x0J9
15th Oct2018: October is #SMB Month! Mad respect to all you #SmallBiz go-getters out there working hard to make a difference:… https://t.co/9v5JoKRzuA
14th Oct2018: Be sure your identity is going to stay yours. #ThinkShield offers @LenovoBusiness customers the security of @Intel… https://t.co/55Z4nPykoK
13th Oct2018: Only thing more extreme than this product tour of the #ThinkPad X1 Extreme is the X1 itself. Buckle up. This rig m… https://t.co/HVklghC7RN
12th Oct2018: Activate screen privacy at the touch of a button. Channel your inner secret agent with the #ThinkPad #PrivacyGuard… https://t.co/lxVBdbvIjE
9th Oct2018: Kinda unfair that computers can go to sleep right away, but we lie in bed thinking about work we have do on compute… https://t.co/Zw8TBWC6GH
5th Oct2018: Fulfil your destiny. New Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - Dark Side Expansion featuring the Kylo Ren Lightsaber control… https://t.co/DTksxRNPRy
3rd Oct2018: When people talk about saying the magic words, they mean #HeyGoogle. Meet the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Ass… https://t.co/WPzVfefw5T
2nd Oct2018: If smartphones are smart, were old phones of average intelligence? Or were they dumbphones? Poor dumbphones... They… https://t.co/qOsGfQ205o
1st Oct2018: Has it been a week already? Time flies when you always have stuff on sale. Take a look at our weekly deals:… https://t.co/PMWPqSkr24
29th Sep2018: We were having such a good time with #SmartHome tech, we decided to make more. Meet Lenovo Smart Home Essentials:… https://t.co/zGpo1Fdit2
28th Sep2018: It was an impactful, high energy show as we continue to show the next steps in our intelligent transformation journ… https://t.co/KGQDxVRjeo
28th Sep2018: Game long and prosper. This new Tiburn Enterprise Start Trek PC with an optional built-in projector is coming soo… https://t.co/wTFplqeZPu
27th Sep2018: Fix an engine with no experience. Real-time augmented reality training is just one function of the new daystAR pr… https://t.co/ryikySJCnA
27th Sep2018: This is how we rolled into Day 2 of #LenovoTechWorld. https://t.co/8c1E09770j
26th Sep2018: Introducing HoloTable, a 3D holographic concept that enables doctors to simulate multiple surgery plans based on th… https://t.co/bsEVhGQEhB
26th Sep2018: Is anybody else kinda obsessed with our new Yoga Book C930? Just us? Eh, a quick product tour should change that:… https://t.co/hpggsTLgyc
26th Sep2018: Make calls, listen to music and track biometrics all without the need of a smartphone. This is the OLA smart sports… https://t.co/GfHZn9BG9Z
26th Sep2018: Join us tomorrow for a thrilling look into the future of technology. #LenovoTechWorld https://t.co/Xvwg4UakTu
25th Sep2018: .@LenovoLegion unleashed the savage power of the T730 gaming tower at IFA 2018. This thing is Beauty & Beast all i… https://t.co/gzoWiV8upz
22nd Sep2018: We gave @digital_arts a little peek at the new #ThinkPad P1 mobile workstation. So far, so good. Check out their r… https://t.co/4ybyhLLF1D
21st Sep2018: Ray is on our Hardware User Experience team. Ray is going to talk about processor speeds. Ray needs a helmet to do… https://t.co/t2Q44GyozD
19th Sep2018: Teachers, prepare to get some butterflies in your stomach. Meet the Lenovo 500e #Chromebook with G Suite for Educat… https://t.co/vMOAxqEC2t
17th Sep2018: Activate screen privacy at the touch of a button. Introducing ThinkPad PrivacyGuard. #LenovoTransform… https://t.co/euVVIRq487
16th Sep2018: We came, we saw, we laid down our vision for intelligent transformation & the future of #tech. #LenovoTransform ove… https://t.co/vC2dgczgjX
14th Sep2018: One of our designers wanted to teach you about VR. Naturally, we ordered a large quantity of bugs & snakes to help… https://t.co/XuwJ2exF2G
13th Sep2018: Racing cars with your brain? This gamified experience developed jointly with the National Taipei University of Tech… https://t.co/vibCiFAjOC
13th Sep2018: It’s all happening in NYC! Watch live as we deliver the next phase of enterprise computing. https://t.co/1vthYrjpBp #LenovoTransform
13th Sep2018: The intelligent transformation starts now! #LenovoTransform https://t.co/8o4FKK7PuS
13th Sep2018: Change happens fast. With #LenovoTransform about to start in 30 minutes, take a look at how we envision how AI, 5… https://t.co/w8o9Q9WfyI
11th Sep2018: Introducing YOGA 730. So many features, blink and you’ll miss it. Don’t worry you can check them out at… https://t.co/jQJrJ5Qh2D
10th Sep2018: Write. Watch videos. Take notes. Collaborate. The 360 degree hinge of the Lenovo 500e #Chromebook is the definitio… https://t.co/DlJ5IJ6Ldj
10th Sep2018: We’re travelling again! Heading to the big city with some big ideas on the future of enterprise computing. Tune in… https://t.co/aGHCQYBkUO
10th Sep2018: Write. Watch videos. Take notes. Collaborate. The 360 degree hinge of the Lenovo 500e #Chromebook is the definitio… https://t.co/Z5KGL65KYs
9th Sep2018: Take a closer look at that rotating sound bar hinge. Wowie wow wow. Available only on the new Yoga C930.… https://t.co/pzq6hHdavf
6th Sep2018: Why spend time copying notes when you can snap a pic with a 5MP camera? See what else you can do with the Lenovo 50… https://t.co/Hfg5MFub8G
6th Sep2018: Even the recap of #LenovoTechLife is worth popping some popcorn over. What new tech are you most excited about?… https://t.co/MOtRdyPXnb
6th Sep2018: Until next time, Berlin! #LenovoIFA #IFA2018 https://t.co/SCztqGzse8
5th Sep2018: Forty awards and counting. #LenovoIFA #IFA2018 https://t.co/6WfUYSKXob
3rd Sep2018: We asked. You answered. Here are the top 5 products from Lenovo at #IFA2018. More: https://t.co/m8s1XOLCB7 https://t.co/QuhKUz6iam
3rd Sep2018: SMART HOME ESSENTIALS: New Lenovo Smart Bulb, Smart Plug & Smart Camera just announced in Berlin. All will be compa… https://t.co/g6qeKvnpCF
2nd Sep2018: Dual display (one QHD & one E Ink), up to 10-hour battery, precision pen-ready, thin as all get-out. This is the Yo… https://t.co/LkduyREU30
2nd Sep2018: #GoogleAssistant just got cooler. See why @TechRadar says the Lenovo Smart Display is "intelligently and beautiful… https://t.co/qDi5wVk6h2
31st Aug2018: The booth, the booth, the booth is on fire! #IFA2018 day 1 is booming. https://t.co/RMa1nxhoYa
31st Aug2018: A grown-up convertible Chromebook ideal for day-to-day work and multitasking. 15” 4K touch display, 10-hour battery… https://t.co/wowlh23lBf
31st Aug2018: Our thinnest Yoga yet. 10-hour battery, 13.3” FHD wide-angle display, immersive Dolby Atmos sound & Intel Core i7 p… https://t.co/CGGMqjOrtR
31st Aug2018: Dual display (one QHD & one E Ink), 9-hour battery, precision pen-ready, thin as all get-out. This is the new Yoga… https://t.co/vqZ2MHQDws
31st Aug2018: The smart home (r)evolution is happening fast. Connect our new Lenovo smart bulb, smart plug and smart camera to yo… https://t.co/hckPn7FY8I
31st Aug2018: What wizardry is this: smartphone-like 4G connectivity, 25-hour battery, @Qualcomm Snapdragon processing.… https://t.co/ZPxvHDiXFZ
31st Aug2018: Extreme in every way. But let’s start with extremely thin, light and powerful. 15” 4K HDR display, @Dolby Atmos sou… https://t.co/di8aXhTZ4D
30th Aug2018: You: “Give me a thin and powerful laptop-tablet combo with great sound and a rechargeable pen.” Us: “Hold my Yoga.”… https://t.co/m39TfN8wDz
30th Aug2018: It’s raining gadgets! Just revealed at #LenovoTechLife: brand new Yoga and ThinkPad laptops, Yoga Book, Smart Home… https://t.co/xbMGzxxtHv
30th Aug2018: NEW TECH ALERT: It’s all happening in Berlin! Tune in right now for the livestream. https://t.co/3H3ChrQhis… https://t.co/hsuIo4ToWx
29th Aug2018: ❤️ https://t.co/3ObUURHcIi
29th Aug2018: Why spend time copying notes when you can snap a pic with a 5Mp camera? See what else you can do with the 500e Chr… https://t.co/FgEDWH011b
28th Aug2018: Jump over to the @lenovo Facebook page as we attempt to solve the riddle that has plagued man for centuries: are be… https://t.co/EfpwGHQuyE
28th Aug2018: Want some sweet tech deals to go along with your long weekend? Take a peek at our #LabourDay sale:… https://t.co/1IrrDdl9US
27th Aug2018: A display so immersive you’ll want to watch it again and again and again and again. Discover YOGA 730 at… https://t.co/BOfl2GfjQX
20th Aug2018: Built for heavy computing. Not heavy lifting. Discover uber-slim and light YOGA 730 at https://t.co/snxjjPmgNU… https://t.co/ZQOlL2ttAa
20th Aug2018: Our powerful machines are built to carry you first across the finish line, every time. @MotoGPeSport Championship p… https://t.co/KhQs3av9dB
19th Aug2018: Style + Power = Yoga. Learn more: https://t.co/WdD3547kBU https://t.co/fdzr0OIpkc
18th Aug2018: Earbuds sounds like a funny thing ear doctors might call their buddies at an ear doctor conference. #ServerRoomThoughts
17th Aug2018: .@CNET shows off how the Lenovo Smart Display is basically the kitchen assistant you never knew you were missing:… https://t.co/yFvbjbIYOu
17th Aug2018: Bears are good at many things. Is unboxing one of them? Stay tuned. #LenovoTechLife #IFA2018 https://t.co/p9APUFHjgW
14th Aug2018: Our employees will do almost anything to educate you about tech. Watch #ExtremeIT for proof:… https://t.co/R9fddIMy2P
13th Aug2018: Step up to an ultra-slim, rapid-charging, immersive experience. Also known as, the YOGA 730. #discoveryoga… https://t.co/L0ll5e80Q0
12th Aug2018: How do you make #GoogleAssistant even better? You give it a screen. Meet the Lenovo Smart Display:… https://t.co/J1qLXyQ1zm
7th Aug2018: "They always say time changes things but you actually have to change them yourself." Happy Birthday to artist Andy… https://t.co/6027tjAFnM
5th Aug2018: .@windowscentral says the @LenovoLegion Y530 "looks and runs like a serious laptop." Makes sense. We take gaming s… https://t.co/6lrMx96zsH
4th Aug2018: Pass the wasabi. #ThinkPad25 https://t.co/BZmLXdOxwe
3rd Aug2018: 75 years ago, a hard drive was a road trip through bad weather. #ServerRoomThoughts
1st Aug2018: What’s your go-to mode? The Lenovo 500e #Chromebook offers 4 learning modes, thanks to a 360-degree hinge:… https://t.co/rHyqhA1zn3
30th Jul2018: Monday piece of mind. Learn more about #Mirage #VR: https://t.co/B2H9k9hf4q https://t.co/DYRlIGffIO
28th Jul2018: We only work with the best ingredients when we cook up our tech designs. See why the Yoga Book is a recipe for suc… https://t.co/X3KKzCE4tL
27th Jul2018: Wi-Fi? More like Wi-Not-Fi? #ServerRoomThoughts (Ohhh boy we need to get out more.)
25th Jul2018: The 500e #Chromebook is designed with students in mind. That means it can handle the roughest treatment:… https://t.co/eOHutVm8yk
24th Jul2018: 2 heads are better than 1. 2 devices are hard to fit in your carry-on. Good thing the Yoga 930 is a laptop & a tab… https://t.co/XIi1Fzc5Ip
18th Jul2018: Sharing notes in class has never been easier. G Suite for Education is just one of the many tools offered on the Le… https://t.co/h0L8vcPThd
17th Jul2018: Different is better. Need proof? Spend 20 seconds watching this video about our Yoga 920. That oughta do it.… https://t.co/HUN2sp5wyA
10th Jul2018: Drowning in your studies? The Lenovo 500e Chromebook includes a spill resistant full-sized keyboard with a sealed t… https://t.co/fUcq1bMCjg
9th Jul2018: One-on-one lightsaber battles have arrived! Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges – now updated with a NEW multiplayer featur… https://t.co/xBkKMNGfuX
7th Jul2018: .@techradar said to "color [them] psyched" about the @LenovoLegion Y730. Not sure which crayon to use for that, bu… https://t.co/aSACZ5g13O
5th Jul2018: Things are getting real with #AR and #VR. Find out what kind of mind-blowing stuff you can do with our hardware:… https://t.co/v4PjwGl6pf
4th Jul2018: Notes don’t take themselves, so take a picture of them or record them with the Lenovo 500e Chromebook’s 5MP world-f… https://t.co/a9GbXfIJpI
27th Jun2018: A mouse pad sounds like it could be the equivalent of a bachelor pad for single mice. #ServerRoomThoughts
27th Jun2018: Your newest pen pal. The Lenovo 500e Chromebook has a pressure-sensitive EMR pen, great for taking extensive notes… https://t.co/8MfzLAUypU
25th Jun2018: They say you can have too much of a good thing, but we think our weekly deals are a good thing. So... agree to dis… https://t.co/RFK242mruE
17th Jun2018: Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads around the world. We got you this tie. #FathersDay https://t.co/ogtTSc3KcD
15th Jun2018: Ya know how you always walk around with a dust bin full of dust near your laptop? The #ThinkPad X1 is prepared for… https://t.co/oJ9VIBe1Cp
15th Jun2018: .@LenovoLegion could have simply made a sleek computer, but they had to go and make it super-powerful, too. Get op… https://t.co/FxeK4QHeUg
14th Jun2018: .@LenovoLegion unveiled some shiny new gaming machines at #E32018 SPOILER ALERT: They are beasts.… https://t.co/d1sgnr4GFp
12th Jun2018: Savage power, anywhere. @LenovoLegion C530 and C730: https://t.co/aN9HTT4S9d #LegionE3 #E32018 https://t.co/TNCMPeesoQ
12th Jun2018: One-on-one lightsaber battles have arrived! Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges – now updated with a NEW multiplayer featur… https://t.co/SL6t3Op8U3
12th Jun2018: Power gaming, perfected. @LenovoLegion T530 and T730: https://t.co/AuPBG4Gto2 #LegionE3 #E32018 https://t.co/QFadgnv535
12th Jun2018: The gaming laptop, refined. @LenovoLegion Y530 (available now) and Y730: https://t.co/aoyoH68hys #LegionE3 #E32018 https://t.co/bpJmesXICn
12th Jun2018: 19 LITERS OF pure gaming power with a transparent top panel and impossibly cool cube design. This is Legion.… https://t.co/O7eU9KtP91

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