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Save $20 on your next order at (to 23rd May)


1st Feb: Are you sleeping with your makeup on? You might want to read this if you are doing it regularly:
11th Jan: Planning on a trip soon? Take your whole skincare set now with our new travel cleanser! Every travel cleanser comes…
21st Dec: Still looking for a gift? No time to wrap? Missed the cut off date for shipping? Want to skip the mayhem at the mal…
18th Dec: Last chance for holiday deliveries in Canada! Order with XpressPost by tomorrow (Dec 19) at noon PST to receive it…
15th Dec: Have you joined our loyalty program yet? We just added our Microfibre Makeup Remover Facecloth as a redeemable rewa…
8th Dec: They also come in packs of 3 so you can give one to everyone - including yourself.
7th Dec: We just released our brand new super soft Microfibre Makeup Removing Facecloth! It makes a great gift this holiday…
6th Dec: This is great news! Our customer service team gets questions every day about whether or not our free sample kit is…
24th Nov: Just launched our all new loyalty and referral program, the Riversol Gift Shop. ✍🏼 Sign up: Create an account with…
26th Aug: Knowing how to recognize the different types of nonmelanoma skin cancer can save your skin. Read our guide here:…
16th Jun: Find out the differences between physical and chemical sunscreens in the latest addition to our guide! ☀️
20th May: Read all about why vitamins are a key ingredient to have in your skin care in our latest article:…
10th Mar: Menopause can come with many changes, including acne. Find out more about how this is different from teenage acne:
3rd Mar: Did anyone else catch us on TV the other morning? Thank you to Jill Dunn for featuring us on CTV Morning Live!…
3rd Mar: We asked Dr. Rivers about the purpose and proper usage of serums. Read the full Essential Serum Q&A here:…
24th Feb: It was an honour to be featured on @TheMarilynShow by @chantelguertin! Get a sample of the serum here…
10th Feb: Concerned about neck wrinkles? Check out our article on how to minimize the look of neck wrinkles!…
12th Jan: Thank you to Dr. Kuritzky for mentioning our Gel Cleanser in her segment on @GlobalBC ! Check it out here:
6th Jan: Have you ever tried a DIY face mask? We put out an article with some tips for maximizing your experience…
9th Dec: Mask together: the perfect holiday ritual to spend a moment of indulgence with friends or family.…
4th Dec: Started your holiday shopping yet? We have a holiday gift guide in case you need some help 🎁
1st Dec: Want to get glowing skin ready for the holidays? Try our sample kit today:
27th Nov: Winter-proof the delicate skin around your eyes with our super hydrating Eye Repair Treatment!…
23rd Nov: Find out why combining a face cleansing brush with our gentle cleansers takes you one step closer to glowing skin!…
2nd Nov: There are many causes of acne. Find out more here
28th Oct: Our latest resource on how to get rid of acne and deal with oily skin is out. Read more here
21st Oct: We do gift hampers for special occasions like celebrating the opening of @Pharmasave018 this Saturday, Oct 22. Hope…
26th Sep: Sensitive Skincare Tip #7 Identify your personal triggers for skin irritation and avoid them as much as possible.
24th Sep: Dr. Rivers spent years formulating this serum with top chemists and the results show!
19th Sep: Sensitive Skincare Tip #6: Avoid topical steroids. It can make sensitive skin more sensitive.
17th Sep: Our Anti-Aging serum is powered with some of the best ingredients out there. Find out more
12th Sep: Sensitive Skincare Tip #5: All skincare products should be slightly acidic.
10th Sep: Our Daily Moisturizing Cream is one of our favourite products for dry, sensitive skin.
5th Sep: Skincare Tip 4: Your skincare products should be free of irritants, colorants and fragrances
3rd Sep: Our Moisturizing Lotion is great for oily and blemish prone skin. Read more here 👉
3rd Sep: Try it for yourself. Our 15-day sample kit lets you see if Riversol is right for you.
29th Aug: Sensitive skin care tip #3: Avoid the use of regular bar soap and harsh cleansers.
28th Aug: Why exfoliate? If you have dry skin the layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your face may not be letting your moisturizer absorb.
28th Aug: Gentle enough for sensitive skin, but still effective! Get our refreshing gel cleanser here
27th Aug: "If you suffer from sensitive skin, you are not alone: about 60% of women and 40% of men report having this problem"
25th Aug: Have you signed up for our weekly newsletter? Part 2 of 3 for our email series on Sensitive Skin is out today: 📥
22nd Aug: Sensitive Skin care tip #2: Examine the ingredient list for any topical medications you use.
21st Aug: To find out the answer check out our Summer Skin care myths and tips!
20th Aug: Our Peel is one of our most popular products! Try it for yourself to find out why.
15th Aug: Sensitive skin care tip #1: Make a fresh start.
14th Aug: Q: If we get too much sun and burn, what’s the best way to take care of our skin afterwards? Find the answer 👉
13th Aug: Our cream cleanser works to relieve redness and irritation and hydrate dry skin. Read more:
11th Aug: Did you know we have a weekly newsletter? Sign up for the latest info on sensitive skin and never miss a promotion!
7th Aug: Q: What are the two most prevalent myths around skin health in the summertime?
6th Aug: ICYMI our weekly newsletter: we talked about summer skin myths with Dr. Rivers 🌞
4th Aug: Every Thursday afternoon we put out a weekly newsletter. Have you subscribed yet?
30th May: Not doing anything on your lunch break tomorrow? Come by @CloverdalePS for a free skin consultation and samples!
20th May: Rosacea affects everyone. Read more about how it manifests in all skin tones. #SkinEducation
19th May: Check out our blog post on Rosacea in People of Asian, African and Hispanic Heritage #SkinEducation
19th May: Rosacea doesn’t only affect people with fairer skin, for more information, check out our blog post #SkinEducation
18th May: Colour correction could be the 🔑 and has never been more accessible! Read more
17th May: To find out what the other nine tips are, read more on our blog #SkinEducation
15th May: Check out our blog post on the Top 10 Essential Make-Up Tips for #Rosacea #SkinEducation
14th May: Our best 7 Tips to Stop Aging in the Eye Area here 👁 #SkinEducation
13th May: These all cause aging in the eye area. Read more on how to reverse the signs 👀 #SkinEducation
13th May: Fine lines? Dark circles? Puffiness? Check out our 7 Tips to Stop Aging in the Eye Area
12th May: Dr. Rivers answers in our Winter Skin Care Q&A 🚿🛁 #SkinEducation
11th May: Find out the answer from Dr. Rivers here #SkinEducation
11th May: Check out the Q&A we did with Dr. Rivers on winter skin care ❄️ #SkinEducation
10th May: Find out the answer in our Q&A with Dr. Rivers! #SkinEducation
9th May: Check out our Q&A with Dr. Rivers on cleansing, diet and skincare #SkinEducation
9th May: Find out the answer in our Q&A! #SkinEducation #RiversolDermTips
8th May: Wash your pillows every 3 months to remove the bacteria from your pillows. Learn how here #SkinEducation
7th May: Learn how to wash your pillows and what to do with them for healthy skin #SkinEducation
7th May: Our guide to avoiding skin irritants in bed here #SkinEducation
6th May: All of these antioxidants can be found in Riversol products. Find out what they do here:
5th May: Find out the benefits of antioxidants and their role in Riversol products
5th May: Find out the benefits of antioxidants and their role in Riversol products #SkinEducation #RiversolDermTip
4th May: This acne myth is definitely false. For more check out the link #SkinEducation
3rd May: Tanning can help hide acne in the short term, but in the long term can be worse for you.
1st May: We take a look at some acne myths here: #SkinEducation
30th Apr: Blackheads, whiteheads, large pores, how to tell the difference: #SkinEducation
30th Apr: Learn more about how to treat blackheads #SkinEducation #RiversolDermTip
29th Apr: Did you know? Blackheads are also known as comedones. For more on blackheads: #SkinEducation
28th Apr: Do you flush when you drink alcohol? Find out why #SkinEducation
27th Apr: Learn more about flushing and its causes #SkinEducation
27th Apr: Find out more about what could be triggering your rosy cheeks #SkinEducation
26th Apr: Probiotics may play a role in reducing rosacea symptoms. For more info #SkinEducation
25th Apr: There is limited evidence that dietary strategies help reduce rosacea flare-ups.
25th Apr: According to a survey of rosacea patients the most common food and beverage triggers are
24th Apr: Looking for causes of rosacea? Check out our quick guide to read more #SkinEducation
23rd Apr: These are a few germs or microorganisms that may be the cause of skin redness or swelling.
23rd Apr: Extensive research has given life to 5 leading theories on what causes rosacea.
22nd Apr: Basics, prevention, treatments, and everything else you need to know about Rosacea and more! #SkinEducation
21st Apr: Our most popular article is The Complete Rosacea Treatment Guide! Read to find out why #SkinEducation
21st Apr: For a comprehensive guide on Rosacea and how to treat it read more here #SkinEducation
20th Apr: Discover skin changes during pregnancy in our pregnancy skin care guide
19th Apr: The changes that occur in the skin during pregnancy often result in different needs for your skin care. Read more
19th Apr: Are Riversol products safe during pregnancy? Absolutely! Learn more at #SkinEducation
17th Apr: What is Contact Dermatitis? Learn more about it here #SkinEducation
16th Apr: Moisturizers are formulated to perform one or more of these steps. Learn more at #DermTip
15th Apr: Learn more about how to keep your skin hydrated here #SkinEducation
15th Apr: Moisturizers put very little external water 💧 back into the skin. Find out more #DermTip
14th Apr: Sunshine ☀ is like an attack on the skin. #SkIntelligence Learn more at
13th Apr: The root of nearly all unwanted pigmentation in the 21st century is the sun ☀ #SkIntelligence
13th Apr: Learn more about how you can prevent and protect yourself from age spots #SkIntelligence
1st Apr: To wash your hands thoroughly, use warm water, rub your hands vigorously for at least 15 seconds and dry with a clean towel.
1st Apr: Wash your hands 🙌 your skin and health will thank you #dermtip
18th Mar: To get the most out of your cleanser, choose one that’s appropriate for your skin type like oily, dry or normal.
10th Mar: Congratulations to @chinsquared, the winner of over $500 worth of our products from our Riversol Giveaway! 🎉🎊
8th Mar: Happy #InternationalWomensDay 👩💪
7th Mar: If any is left on your skin, it may continue to cleanse, which can cause dryness or irritation.…
1st Mar: Remove all makeup before bed to avoid breakouts and possible allergic reactions. 💤#dermtip
17th Jan: Make an informed choice about your skin care system during the driest months of the year.
17th Jan: Follow us on instagram for weekly tips on how to care for your skin. … #dermtips
26th Oct: Learn all about sun damage and what can be done to restore beautiful, luminous looking skin!
21st Sep: 10 Essential Makeup Tips for Rosacea in 2015. Check out our latest blog post here:
21st Jul: "Riversol offer free samples and a money back guarantee that stands behind their products." - Thanks @perilouslypale!
9th Jul: Check out the simple travel beauty routine from the beautiful Alexandra Grant #sensitiveskin #skincare #riversol
26th Jun: A special gift for our customers. Get a FREE cleanser with any serum purchase on our site
25th Jun: Rosacea and Diet: Whats the evidence #redness #rosacea
18th Jun: Check it out! The complete guide to rosacea treatment: #rosacea #actionred #chatrosacea #redness
31st May: #Flattered, We love seeing #Reviews like this one on our serum: Reminds us why we do what we do.
26th May: Riversol | Rosacea in people of Asian, African and Hispanic Heritage.:
18th May: Free 3 week Tplus trial kits available now online.
16th May: New team and new website: Look out for many exciting changes to come!
23rd Mar: #rosacea awareness month begins next month! #Sample kits available online now at #sensitiveskin #skincare #dryskin
12th Mar: Day 3 of @Riversolskin strategy planning in #Whistler . #ecommerce #qvc #retail. Many opportunities for this #canadian #skincare company!
10th Mar: Ta Da! More press! This time on derm Dr. Rivers potent anti-aging serum Order online now at
9th Mar: Our #vancouver #skincare company is growing leaps & bounds thanks to our NEW generation of products formulated by one special dermatologist!

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